Delorean-1981 MOD

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My speed modeling of the Delorean Mod in Blender.

#1 Start modeling, #2 Create Assets, #3 Continue Assets and UV Mapping,
#4 Continue UV Mapping, #5 Ingame scenes, View all videos on YOUTUBE

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This is my Interactive-Showreel of the Delorean-1981 in „Back to the Future“ style.
It is a special 3D presentation format with the Unity Web Player.

START online showreel

(required unity web player)

DOWNLOAD offline showreel
(for PC, MAC, Linux. No unity web player require)

Delorean-1981 Mod Description

I love the movie „Back to the Future“ and I had really fun to create the Mod. This Mod is a vehicle-Mod and replace the original Maxis „Mini Car“ or the „Mini Cooper“ (if you installed the „Civilian Vehicles Mixed Collection„).

I created the 3D Model and textures by myself. I used Blender to create the 3D Model, the textures I created in Photoshop. SimCityPak tool allows me to view and edit the game assets contained in .package files. I can create new .packages files, after that, I can publish my Mod on where the user can download the Mod.

MOD Features

-5 variations (Gray, black, vehicle movie „Back to the Future“ 1-3)
-all Level of Detail Models with different polycount (LOD-0, LOD-1, LOD-2, LOD-3,)
-supported all textures (color, normal, gloss, mask)



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