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SimCity 2013-Description

„SimCity is an open-ended city-building computer and console video game (…) designed by developer Will Wright (…).
In SimCity, the player is given the task of founding and developing a city, while maintaining the happiness of the citizens and keeping a stable budget.“ Source from

What is a Mod?

A Mod is a modification file for the game. A Mod file can change the look of the game or can upgrade your game with new buildings or vehicles and a Mod can also modify the gameplay.

All Mods by Tobse

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BERLIN TV TOWER (new Landmark), MODERN SMALL FIRE STATION +Tutorial (new building), DELOREAN-1981+BttF Mod +Online Showreel (new vehicle), CIVILIAN VEHICLES (14. new vehicles), 30 NEW STOPSIGNS (new road signs), NEW ROAD TEXTURES (new textures), NEW HIGHWAY SIGN A (new road sign), GERMAN POLICE CARS (4 new vehicles), NEW SIM CITY HIGHWAY (new road sign), TOBSE BUS SET (2 new busses), TOBSE POLICE CAR SET new police vehicle)


Thank you very much
Tobias Ralew also known as Tobse